Kingsway Academy is an International Boarding High school with student residences in Kingsway’s building. Kingsway students are also able to live in the King’s Commons (an apartment residence on Richmond Road). Students could immerse themselves in campus life, make friends with students of King’s, take advantage of readily accessible support services and facilities, such as, student center, and cafeterias at King’s.


Residence A, B

Standard double room

shared bathroom

*We can't show every variation. The room you're allocated may look different to the ones shown in this picture.

Residence C

Standard double room,

private en-suite bathroom

*We can't show every variation. The room you're allocated may look different to the ones shown in this picture.

Student Conduct and Hygiene: The residential management regulations of Kingsway Academy are consistent with the ones of King’s University College at Western University. King’s University College at Western University provides facilities’ maintenance and housekeeping.

Accessibility: Rooms are spread across the 3rd and 4th floor of the teaching building of Kingsway Academy to ensure safety and convenience.

* Student younger than age of 18 will be designated to one section of residence.


Single-room Apartment: Each apartment has 5 bedrooms, and 5 students share 1 kitchen and 2 full bathrooms.

Location: This apartment is only a 10 minute walk from the teaching buildings. Students could also take campus shuttle buses of King’s to get there. The King’s shuttles also go to Western University.

Students in Kingsway Academy could purchase the meal plan of King’s at Western University (hereinafter, King’s) with Western, Japanese, and Italian cuisine to be free to choose in the restaurant of King’s, or students could purchase the meal plan offered by Kingsway Academy, which has Chinese, Vietnam, Korean, the Middle East, and other Asian foods to ensure balance and variety in meals each day.

Situated on the campus of King’s at Western University, the students’ residences have security officers patrol six times during the day and three times at night to provide security for students. There are also residential administrators who work in residence after dark and provide 24/7 on-site service to meet the needs of students. Equipped with electronic door lock systems, 24-hour monitoring in the public areas, and fire control center, the residence is a safe place to live in as a home.
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